Call For Papers (1/3) – Reimagining local governance: Just, sustainable and diverse (IGC 2024)

This is the first of three calls for papers from the Data Stories team for the next International Geographical Congress (IGC) in 2024.

IGC 2024 is an international conference bringing together geographers from all fields, from the social sciences to physical geography and beyond. The theme for 2024 is “Celebrating a world of difference”, for which 44 different commissions are proposing sessions. The IGC 2024 will be held in Dublin from August 24 to 30: 

Pre-IGC CFP (23-24 August) 

Prior to the official start of the congress, the IGU Commission Geography of Governance is hosting a free two-day conference on the topic ‘Reimagining local governance: Just, sustainable and diverse’. The event will take place on our Maynooth Campus with Dr. Carla Maria Kayanan as co-conference convener and head of the Local Organising Commission.

IGU Commission Geography of Governance Conference Banner



Three tracks will shape the event: 

  • Track 1 – Territorial Reforms, Multi-level Governance, and Democracy 
  • Track 2 – Sustainability, Resilience and Justice in Local Governance 
  • Track 3 – Spatial Planning Systems and Local Governance

For more information and to submit an abstract, visit:  

See our two other blog posts for calls for papers for the week-long IGC.



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