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Welcome to the Data Stories project

Funded through an ERC Advanced award to Professor Rob Kitchin (grant no. 101052998) the Data Stories project started on August 1st 2022 and will run for 5 years. The project is focused on data ecosystem, politics, praxes and power operating within the planning and property domains, and telling stories about and with planning and property data. More information is on the About page and this video provides a brief explanation:

The project is presently recruiting its first staff and will eventually employ a creative technologist, 3 postdocs, 2 or 3 creative writers, 2 or 3 artists, and an assistant lecturer/researcher. The team will work closely with stakeholders from government, business and civil society organisations and their staff, and will engage with the public through workshops, exhibitions, this website and the resources it will host, and social media. At present, the project has a Twitter account: @datastoriesMU

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